Got Acting Skills? Then we have got you the stage. Flixcasting invites you to get your first ever national exposure in entertainment industry while working with talented artists. Get a chance to audition for the popular production houses listed here on Flixcasting. And who knows you might become the next acting sensation of the town.

At Flixcasting, we are always looking for methods to heighten the careers of both upcoming and veteran actors, performers and artists. This is why we have collaborated an extensive list of various audition events that not only lets you show your abilities but also your personality.



Flixcasting welcomes all kind of artists, models, performers & new faces looking for a chance to show their talents in the related fields of bollywood film industry. We are here to streamline the process of auditioning, shortlisting and casting so you can easily breakthrough the norms of getting into film acting.


Do you have the passion for acting, then team with Flixcasting team and pave your way to success on silver screen. If you think your acting skills can put on a good performance for audience, then why waste time, sign up with us and find your way to success.


Maximize your chances of turning into a popular actor on various commercial shows, theatre and movies. We have collaborated with some famous filmmakers, production houses, and casting crew offering multiple roles for commercial films and advertisements to aspiring males/females and even child actors.


Looking for work? As an artist and have no contacts in the film industry. Well, then simply follow these steps to get things done right. There are hundreds of audition requests placed daily on Flixcasting and thousands of aspirants applying for it. Don’t be surprised, if you see multiple actor/actress aspirants for the same role you have applied. The key is to stand out amongst other by doing this:

Create Your Profile

First of all, you must create a unique profile describing all about your personality and inclination towards acting. It should include every relevant information about you along with a recent picture attached. Refer some experts or contact flixcasting team to get tips on how to create the best profile for auditions. Our esteemed and experienced team of film industry experts make sure you have the most-impressive profile in the whole group.

Design Your Portfolio

As pen is to a writer and brush is to a painter, similarly portfolio is to an artist. A well-designed portfolio can get you seamless opportunities in film and television industry. However, not everyone knows of the tricks to make an impressive portfolio, but no worries, Flixcasting does it all. You can simply connect with our team, who will guide and make you get connected with one of the leading portfolio designing companies.

Get A Portfolio

Apply For Auditions

Once you are done creating your portfolio, it is time to pack your skills and get ready for auditions. Scroll down the list of auditions and sort the ones you are interested in. Subscribe with our online packages to get easy access or sometime direct entry to auditions for various genres. The subscription packages are affordable and apt for both new and veteran actors.

Find Audition

Getting A Casting Call

Finally, if shortlisted during the auditions, you will get the casting call from any of the desired production house for the role you have applied. To strengthen your chances of getting selected, make sure the portfolio and audition goes really really well. When you subscribe with any of the packages offered by Flixcasting, apart from earlier access to auditions, you also get real-time notifications about upcoming events.

For more information, Drop us a mail - We are more than happy to assist you.


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